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Is my information secure?

Our site is perfectly secured by our Shopify host.

What are the possible payment methods?


What are the shipping fees ?

Delivery costs are free if your order exceeds 300 fr.

In which countries do you deliver?

We deliver all over the world.

What are the delivery times ?

We work with different suppliers and try to make you benefit from the lowest possible prices for optimal quality. Our products are therefore in high demand. For all these reasons, the delivery time may vary depending on the product from 2-3 days to 4 weeks.

I haven't received all of my order?


Is it possible to cancel or change my order?

You can send us this request by email at ? or on the phone at + ? and if the order has not yet been sent, we will accede to your request.

I did not receive the correct product (or broken or never arrived)?

If the error lies with us, we will re-deliver a new product to you at our expense.

 How can I make a return?



Can I be reimbursed?


We remain at your disposal by email:



STEP 1 | Formulation & Purchasing

STEP 2 | Production


STEP 3 | Packaging

STEP 4 | Labeling


STEP 5 | Storage

STEP 6 | Delivery


You can choose an existing formula or co-develop the ideal product with our R&D department. We also take care of quality control, certification and compliance with standards.

In addition, we source for you the raw materials suitable for the manufacture of your product.

2nd step

Once your formula has been chosen or developed together, we can produce the quantities requested. We produce slightly ahead of time to be able to respond quickly to demand, and we have a large production capacity.

step 3

Choose the packaging that will contain your products: pump bottle, spray, canister, IBC, valve bottle, etc. The packaging possibilities are endless! We help you choose the right format according to your criteria (solidity, aesthetics, ease of use). We can also source other packaging or use your own.​

step 4

Our graphic design service can create a model respecting both your visual identity and the regulations in force.

We are also equipped with an industrial printer that allows us to print your labels

Contact us!

You can contact us using the form below or by phone on 022 342 16 16 to reach Customer Service.

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