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Based in Carouge, in the canton of Geneva, since 1909, we are experts in the formulation and manufacture of cleaning and disinfection products and cosmetic products. We have our own Research & Development department and an analysis laboratory.

We produce on site, package, and deliver throughout Switzerland.

With more than 300 active customers, we have the ability to carry out your tailor-made projects.

A project ? An idea ?

We are at your disposal to accompany you!


STEP 1 | Formulation & Purchasing

STEP 2 | Production


STEP 3 | Packaging

STEP 4 | Labeling


STEP 5 | Storage

STEP 6 | Delivery

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Household and industrial
Chemical detergents

Discover our complete range of cleaning products

Raw ingredients
natural cleansers

Inspired by recipes from yesteryear, this range allows you to create your own maintenance and cleaning products with 100% natural ingredients. Naturalness can rhyme with efficiency! To your pans, tutorials in production...

Aroma workshops

Discover our ranges of cosmetics as well as soon a selection of high quality ingredients for the manufacture of your products!

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