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ACETONE chem. pure 99.5%

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Acetone is one of the most widely used organic solvents, which dissolves gums, resins, cellulose derivatives , fats, oils and rubbers . It is used in many formulations:

  • paint, varnish, lacquer;
  • paint stripper and thinner;
  • glue and adhesives;
  • ink, dyes and their thinners;
  • drying agent, allows an impeccable finish in precision mechanics, watchmaking;

In the chemical industry, acetone is used in many processes:

  • manufacture of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics;
  • extraction of fats, oils and waxes;
  • purification of sugars and starches (precipitating agent);
  • paraffin purification;
  • cleaning and drying of laboratory glassware;
  • cleaning and drying of electronic parts;
  • dry ice mixture cooling medium ;
  • manufacture of objects in resin reinforced with fiberglass.