Brome en pastilles de 20gr - Louis TEMPIA SA, Genève

Bromine in tablets of 20gr

  • Delivery only in Switzerland

BROMINE TABLET : disinfects and purifies water without depending on temperature, pH and being insensitive to UV. It is odorless and comfortable for skin and eyes.

Disinfectant without active chlorine.

Fights bacteria, viruses and fungi in the water, destroys algae. Scentless


DELIVERY: Free delivery in the canton of Geneva is 350.-CHF, otherwise a fee of 65.-CHF will be added. For the rest of Switzerland, a fee of 80.- will be added for any order less than 500.-CHF.

WITHDRAWAL: Withdrawals at our factory are made from Monday to Friday from 8h to 12h. A fee of 32.-CHF will be added for any order less than 150.-CHF.

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