CHLORURE DE CALCIUM 25kg, fabriqué par Louis TEMPIA SA en Suisse

CALCIUM CHLORIDE - Highly effective flocculated deicer

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Calcium chloride has excellent natural properties that have been used in winter road maintenance for over 80 years. Also marketed worldwide as CASO, it is still the best deicer available on the market. It dissolves snow and ice and prevents water from crystallizing on the roads.


• In case of snow and ice, at very low temperatures: down to –20°C (max 10 g/m2 )

• Frost protection, in the construction industry

• Business premises and housing estates

• In summer: to eliminate dust on unpaved roads, greasy gravel paths and dirt squares

Environmental Protection

Environmentally friendly because very effective at low dosage. Calcium chloride is harmless to flora and fauna.

Economic benefits

Thanks to its hygroscopicity (ability to absorb atmospheric moisture), calcium chloride adheres better, faster and longer to the road. Hence a whole series of savings: reduction in the number of spreadings and the quantities to be spread.

Calcium chloride removes dust

Once spread, calcium chloride absorbs atmospheric moisture and melts. The solution thus obtained saturates the soil and maintains a certain humidity in it. The floor no longer generates dust and remains protected from drying out. It firms up and becomes more resistant (fewer potholes).

The main advantages of calcium chloride

• Highly effective deicer, for low temperatures down to –20°C

• Immediate and persistent adhesion, thanks to its high hygroscopicity • Less spreading, less quantity

• No formation of lumps in case of prolonged storage or freezing (the product must be stored dry)

• Environmentally friendly because very effective at low dosage

• Versatile use, including freeze protection and dust suppression during dry seasons.