DI-MIX, sac de 25kg - Produit de déverglaçage rapide, idéal pour l’entretien hivernal des routes, places, cours d’école etc.

DI-MIX - Rapid de-icing product, ideal for winter maintenance of roads, squares, schoolyards etc.

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DI-MIX is a fast-acting yet environmentally friendly de-icer comprising 30% – 35% flocculated calcium chloride and 65% – 70% road salt. Calcium chloride guarantees the effectiveness of the product at temperatures from -5°C down to -10°C. DI-MIX acts immediately after spreading; in the first 15 minutes, the calcium chloride flakes dissolve four times more ice than the same amount of salt. The lower the temperature, the higher this efficiency ratio. The salt then removes the residual patches of ice.


- In the event of snow and ice, at temperatures below –5°C (max. 20 g/m2 )

- For preventive and curative spreading

- Effective down to -12°.

Environmental Protection

Environmentally friendly, thanks to its high efficiency with minimal dosage. The interaction between calcium ions and sodium ions improves the speed of action of salt on the soil.

Economic benefits

Thanks to its hygroscopicity (ability to absorb atmospheric humidity), DI-MIX adheres better, faster and longer to the road. Hence a whole series of savings: reduction in the number of spreadings and the quantities to be spread, and – consequently – significant reduction in costs.

The main advantages of DI-MIX

• For preventive and curative use

• Very fast melting effect, thanks to optimal mixing, whether on ice or snow cover

• Immediate and persistent adhesion, thanks to its high hygroscopicity and calcium chloride flakes

• Less spreading, less quantity

• No formation of lumps in case of prolonged storage or freezing (the product must be stored dry)

• Kind to the environment